Abortion Services


An abortion is a voluntary termination of pregnancy. In Quebec, abortion is a legal medical procedure. Women who choose to have an abortion can have it carried out for free by a doctor in:

  • Some integrated health and social services centres (CISSS) and integrated university health and social services centres (CIUSSS)
  • Some private medical clinics
  • Some community centres, such a women’s health centre

The decision to either continue a pregnancy or get an abortion is personal. This decision belongs to the woman; she is free to make her choice according to her desires and circumstances. There are many reasons why a woman might decide to get an abortion. The reasons are specific to each woman, and belong to her.

Personnel delivering abortion services respect each woman’s decision without passing judgement. They perform the procedure and ensure follow-up neutrally, respectfully and with complete confidentiality.

Last update: August 9, 2016 2:58 PM


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