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Flu vaccination

Don't let the flu take you by surprise.

Getting vaccinated every year is the best way to protect yourself against the flu and its resulting complications. The vaccine is offered free of charge to those who are most vulnerable. Get vaccinated!

October 20 to 26 is National Infection Control Week

Some viruses and bacteria are transmitted through close contact between people. During this week of infections prevention awareness, it is important to be reminded of measures to take for protecting yourself and others. Consult the following pages to learn more about the prevention of infections:

Suicide is not an option

Every day in Quebec, approximately 3 people take their own lives and 8 people are hospitalised after attempting suicide. Suicide is never an option; there are always solutions. Everyone can help prevent suicide.

  • How to prevent suicide
    Description, causes, people at risk, warning signs, treatment, what to do, assistance and resources.

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