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Nobody chooses to be homeless. But we can choose not to ignore them.

No one is sheltered from homelessness. People living in such a condition were not born that way; they became homeless. Read the following page to learn more about homelessness:


Mental Health Week

The vast majority of Quebecois will be affected bymental illness one day or another, whether it is themselves, a parent, a friend or a colleague. In spite of that, less than half of the people who suffer from a mental illness consult a professional to recover. It is therefore important to fight prejudices and to be better informed on mental illnesses. For information to further understand and prevent mental illness, go to the Mental Health page.

Flu and Gastroenteritis

Flu and gastroenteritis viruses are easily spread. If you present symptoms, read the information on flu and gastroenteritis to know what to do and when to consult a doctor. You can also call Info-Santé 8-1-1 when necessary. If consultation is required, see the Finding a Resource section.

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