Health and Environment

Environmental quality has direct impact on public health.

Read the following pages to learn more about the connection between health and the environment, and how to prevent health problems associated with the environment. 

Climate Change

Climate change influences the temperature and frequency of certain weather events, impacting health in many ways. To learn more, read the following pages:

Sun and UV Rays

The sun is essential to life. However, excessive exposure to the UV rays it emits can be harmful to your health. For more information on protective measures against the sun, read the following pages:

Air Quality

Indoor and outdoor pollutants, and ragweed can affect your health. Read the following pages to learn more about the possible impact of air pollutants on your health and how to protect yourself:

Water Quality

Water is essential to your health. To learn more about health problems associated with drinking and bathing water contamination, and how to prevent them, read the following pages:

Parasites and Toxic Plants

Some very common insects and plants in Québec can be a health risk. To learn more, read the following pages:


Noise pollution is an increasing problem. For more information on environmental noise and its physical and psychosocial effects, read the following pages:


Several scientific studies have assessed the perceived risks of radiofrequencies on health. To learn more about radiofrequencies and the results of these studies, read the following pages: 

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